Saturday, November 28, 2015

School of Tomorrow (#SOT15) – What’s in it For You?

With 40 years of excellence in education in Pakistan, Beaconhouse is all set to organize a one-of-its-kind educational and cultural festival on the 28th and 29th of November at Beach Luxury Hotel in Karachi. Initiated as an endeavor to shed light on the current status of education in the country and to redefine it, the School of Tomorrow (SOT) Conference is one of the very first International Education and Cultural Festival in Pakistan. 

Spanning across a period of two days, the event will be graced by some of the distinguished experts and renowned thinkers in Pakistan and from various parts of the globe who will be delivering a series of essays and presentations on a wide variety of topics.

Be it an understanding of a child’s psychology or an issue revolving around digital safety and concerns, a story about massive cultural invasion or an in-depth study about arts, it is the broad spectrum of  topics being chosen that has piqued my interest in attending this conference. 

The School of Tomorrow (SOT) conference is a free-of-cost public event allowing accessibility to all and sundry; however, registration is compulsory for attending all the exclusive sessions at #SOT15. 

Here’s the link to its online registration form. 

Over all these years, Beaconhouse has not only been excelling in providing productive and meaningful education to children but it has also remained conscious of its role as a socially aware organization and has supported the community and contributed generously in times of national crisis through various activities and organizing the School of Tomorrow (SOT) conference comes under the same umbrella. 

In case you would like to find out more about School of tomorrow, check out their Facebook page or their website:

Come forward and be a part of the Educational Evolution as Beaconhouse takes the lead through #SOT15.

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Mobilink 3G Takes a Lead with #TheFasterTheBetter Services

Living in a fast-paced world where speed and convenience have become increasingly important in our various walks of life, the quintessential need for high-speed and super connectivity has also arisen. In today’s technology-driven world revolving around smartphones and tablets, we always feel the need to be inter-connected throughout the day and being separated from the device or being out of connection even for a minute is just a crippling thought! And this reminds me of my tour to Gaddani once where the cellular signals just went off all of a sudden except for the Mobilink network that worked, thus saving me from the brunt of an anticipated wrath.

It was since then that Mobilink became my most preferred choice amongst the cellular connections and the news revealing Mobilink as Pakistan’s best 3G network provider (as declared by PTA) did not come as a surprise. Because it was as true as a fact already!

Pakistan's Best 3G NetworkWe’re proud to announce that PTA has declared Mobilink to be Pakistan's Best 3G Network. Thank you for your constant support and trust throughout our journey of 20 years. We couldn’t have done it without you!
Posted by Mobilink on Monday, November 2, 2015

When it comes to an effective and reliable cellular connection, it’s not just the extensive reach or stable connectivity that counts. With cellular phones turning into more than just phones running on the Internet, a lot depends upon the speed of connectivity that truly defines one’s experience in the digital/mobile world. This is where Mobilink 3G network has taken a lead by bringing #TheFasterTheBetter services for its consumers and conquering #HarDilHarDin (being validated by the following tweets) as it continues its digital journey:

Introducing a variety of digital solutions, it looks like Mobilink shall be spearheading the Digital Revolution in Pakistan eventually giving rise to a digital society where everything would just be a few taps away! An interview being conducted by with Deputy CEO of Mobilink, Mr. Aamir Ibrahim also reveals about the future prospects leading to a digital revolution in the country, which includes and is not limited to the development of store-front applications, payment gateways and other services necessary for the fulfillment of all sorts of digital needs.  

“The road from developing to developed treads on a digital highway,” says Aamir Ibrahim and it certainly holds true for the ever-evolving technological world experiencing digitalization or a digital shift. Digitalization is the need of the hour. And as Mobilink takes on the digital challenge, let me leave you with a video depicting Mobilink’s road to digitalization in Pakistan:

Mobilink to Lead Digital Revolution in Pakistan“After being in conventional telecom business for over 20 years in the country, we are now all geared up to reshape the digital revolution in Pakistan by capitalizing on our market position through innovating new solutions that we aim to offer to Pakistanis during the next 5 years.” Aamir Ibrahim, Deputy CEO and CCO - MobilinkRead the full story here:
Posted by Mobilink on Thursday, November 5, 2015

What do you think about the video, Mobilinkers? Sounds interesting? Let me know #TheFasterTheBetter! ;)

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Cheetos’ #FlaminHotToss – Let the #Cricket Begin!

The game of cricket always begins with a toss and with each coin toss comes immense curiosity for the cricket enthusiasts if which team is going to bat or field first. However, it was not just about deciding the fate of the game this time. It was a little different. And a lot interesting indeed!

As I watched the first ODI begin with a coin toss between Pakistan and England today, it was something about the flip that caught my attention. I could see that the coin being tossed was branded by none other than one of our flavory favorites, the Cheetos! And this was “something out-of-the-box!”

The branded coin toss activity by Cheetos serves as an excellent example of positive brand exposure and marketing beyond advertisements on screen. In the world of marketing campaigns, #CheetosCoinToss emerged as a creative attempt at reinforcing the brand’s essence successfully through the #FlaminHotToss on ground, thus combining the elements of fun and sport together. And what a brilliant idea it was!

Photo Source: The News Tribe

From Kung Fu to Cricket, Cheetos has always been finding ways to entertain us and I wonder what’s next in its course of exciting journey! Until next, Eat, Pray & Love and

Let the Games Begin! J

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Swarovski Hosts #SparklingCouture Exhibition in Dubai

Photo Source: Swarovski Crystals

[Press Release]Swarovski, the global leader in cut crystal and fashion jewelry, hosts the first ever #SparklingCouture exhibition, celebrating the brand’s long-standing relationship with couture designers, as well as its 120th year of operation.

Over forty regional and international designers will exhibit custom-made pieces at the exhibition being held at The Madinat Arena in Dubai on November 4th. More than 36 couturiers and 6 Jewelry & Accessory labels from across the Middle East and South Asia will come together in the first event of its kind –each showcasing one specially-designed creation at the event.  

The event will showcase Pakistani couturiers including Elan, Maria B, Faraz Manan and Tena Durrani, all presenting a contemporary take on Ethnic Bridal wear.

Visitors to #SparklingCouture will experience exquisite couture pieces made with Swarovski crystals including intricate bridal, occasion and ethnic wear pieces comprising of kaftans, evening gowns, accessories and jewelry.

Sparkling Couture is a celebration of the incredible couturiers we have in the Middle East and South Asia,” said Flemming Nielsen, Vice President Operations, Asia South, “Our region is renowned for its love of customization, embellishments and, of course, bespoke couture. Bringing together these designers on one platform perfectly demonstrates the diversity of our couturiers and also offers a platform to celebrate our 120th anniversary in a one-of-a-kind interpretation.”

Swarovski has had a presence in the Middle East since the 1970s, and since then has established itself fully in the burgeoning arts and design scene by collaborating with local fashion designers, architects, distributors, and local craft clusters that use Swarovski crystals in their unique work across the region.

“We are proud to be the partner of choice for many of the most talented designers across the region and internationally. The Sparkling Couture exhibition will bring to life how these talented artists create such wonderful pieces, using the finest crystals, forward integrated products and pearls from Swarovski,” added Andrew Mojica, Managing Director, Swarovski Middle East.
Sparkling Couture takes place on November 4th at The Madinat Arena from 
20:30 hrs - 00.00 hrs.

For more information on Sparkling Couture and on Swarovski in the Middle East, you can follow them at Swarovski Crystal Blog