Friday, October 30, 2015

The #AsalFoodie Show – Grand Finale!

Photo Source: 7Up Pakistan

Living in times where our TV screens are constantly being bombarded with a myriad of how-to cooking shows, The #AsalFoodie Show by 7Up Pakistan came as a wind of change introducing the concept of food tourism while bringing food, travel and entertainment together at the same time.

Spanning across a collection of four episodes, The #AsalFoodie Show is being hosted by our all-time favorites, Anoushey Ashraf and VJ Shahzad who take us out on a virtual tour on screen every weekend as they travel to a new city in each episode while searching for nation’s best local culinary delights. Throughout their action packed journey, they are also joined by various food-loving celebrities who get to share their inherent passion for food like never before.

Here’s a quick look at the teaser revealing what the show is all about:

Asal Foodies Show - TeaserCatch Anoushey Ashraf and VJ Shahzad in an exciting new TV Show. In each episode, we will explore Pakistan's most famous food spots and that too with your favorite celebrities!Watch the Asal Foodies Show every SATURDAY on your favourite channels:Show Timings:Aaj News - 6:30 pmDunya News - 5:00 pmUrdu 1 - 11:00 pmATV - 11:00 pmPTV Home - 11:00 pmTV One – 4:00 pmGeo Entertainment - 11:30 pmGeo Kahani - 11:00 pm
Posted by 7Up on Friday, October 2, 2015

A unique TV program showcasing some exciting food adventures, The #AsalFoodie Show’s itinerary started off with the chic and charming actress, Sarwat Gilani featured in its first episode where they went exploring the food outlets at Port Grand. 

First stop - Karachi! Watch as our favourite foodies Anoushey Ashraf, Sarwat Gillani and Shehzad explore Karachi's Port Grand! #AsalFoodies
Posted by 7Up on Sunday, October 4, 2015

This was later followed by all-enthusiastic Ali Safina being featured in Multan and a true epicurean, Ali Hamza in Lahore as he treated Anoushey Ashraf and VJ Shahzad to various appetizing Lahori cuisines including the famous Paya Nashta at his very own home.

The Foodies Show - Episode 3Watch as Ali Hamza from Noori takes us around LAHORE! In this episode of 'The Asal Foodies Show', we explore some of his favorite food spots. #ManaLoFoodKaLove #AsalFoodies nooriWatch the Asal Foodies Show every SATURDAY on your favourite channels:Show Timings:Aaj News - 6:30 pmDunya News - 5:00 pmUrdu 1 - 11:00 pmATV - 11:00 pmPTV Home - 11:00 pmTV One – 4:00 pmGeo Entertainment - 11:30 pmGeo Kahani - 11:00 pm
Posted by 7Up on Tuesday, October 20, 2015

With each new episode being aired, the journey only gets more exciting for the food lovers who are no longer only interested in learning new recipes but they are also interested in knowing the food choices of our celebrities. And guess what? This week it’s going to be none other than the multi-talented Uzair Jaswal bringing this exciting show to a grand close!

The grand finale is to be shot in the beautiful city of Islamabad and will be highlighting some incredible food in the twin cities. So, if you haven’t watched this fantastic food series already, you know what you need to do. Grab some popcorns, hit the couch and #ManaLoFoodKaLove this weekend with the amazing trio including the young heartthrob, Uzair Jaswal as they travel and explore people, places and cuisines in the capital!

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow, peeps! And for your reference, following are the show timings:

Show Timings
AAJ News
6:30 pm
Dunya News
5:00 pm
Urdu 1
11:00 pm
11:00 pm
PTV Home
11:00 pm
TV One
4:00 pm
GEO Entertainment
11:30 pm
GEO Kahani
11:00 pm

Until next, Bon Appetite! J

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

#Cheetos TVC – The Hunger Games with a Fist of FUN!

Photo Source: Cheetos Pakistan

My father used to play with my brother and me in the yard. Mother would come out and say, "You're tearing up the grass." "We're not raising grass," Dad would reply. "We're raising boys."
Harmon Killebrew

And that’s how dads do the deal!

There’s no relationship quite like the one that exists between a father and a son. He’s not only a mentor to you but he’s more often than not the best companion one could ever have – the one who knows how to turn mere moments into exciting adventures while having fun! Cheetos with their new TVC, which is currently being aired, has encapsulated the same essence in their commercial unleashing a new type of Kung Fu fighting that is all about FUN than fury.

The advertisement opens with a father and son duo completely indulged in watching TV while munching on their favorite bright orange Cheetos only until they are left with the last one in the bowl. This is supposed to be the defining moment where the little boy drifts away into a fantasy battle while Chester, the Cheetos’ old time mascot, makes his appearance calling for some Kung Fu moves which makes this ad all entertaining. What makes this Kung Fu hustle more captivating is the fact that it is being played with a pair of dressed up hands acting like fighters kicking and stomping while battling for the last bite.

Focusing more on the visuals rather than jingles, it’s a kind of advertisement that would let you stay glued to your screens till it ends. Moreover, the TVC has its own share of catchy phrases that are designed to leave a lasting image on your mind. For instance, you never know you might be found exclaiming, “May the best hand wins!” once you are done watching the ad. Because that’s exactly what I did and that’s exactly what it does to you!

Resonating with its fun brand personality, I believe that the ad has turned out to be a success in building the brand’s imagery and in communicating the intended message to the viewers – that is to let Cheetos add flavors and fun to your life and moments (something that one can’t resist).

In case you haven’t seen the ad yet, you can watch it here:

How far can you go for the last bite of CHEETOS? Grab your favourite pack right now.. and LET THE FUN BEGIN!
Posted by Cheetos Pakistan on Sunday, October 18, 2015

P.S. Do you know that making a Kung Fu pose might just help you win some exciting prizes? Head over to Cheetos Pakistan and join in the competition! Let the FUN Begin! J

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Wasu Returns with Mind-Boggling Poetry on Education in Pakistan

Amidst the various forms of corruption prevailing in Pakistan, the state of degeneracy in the education system of our country is the most gravest of all. The ever-increasing number of so-called “ghost schools” emerging in the region is an alarming situation, which can only bring our education system closer to a collapse as we continue to remain silent and ignorant to our surroundings.

In times like these calling for desperate measures and a reawakening, Wasu Khan, the poet and pop star hailing from Balochistan, stepped up and recorded poetry in hope of enlightening the masses about the saddening and disappointing state of schools and ‪education in our country. His well-articulated piece of poetry was recently picked up by an educational campaign called “Alif Ailaan” who had shared his recitation on their social media pages and this is where I discovered him.

Poetry by Wasu Khan
A humorous, yet eye-opening poetry by Wasu Khan on education-related issues in Pakistan.
Posted by Alif Ailaan on Friday, October 16, 2015

The poetry clearly reflects a number of corrupt practices lurking within the sector which includes and are not limited to the presence of weak governance and poor management, lack of proper infrastructure, the mismanagement of funds and the absence of true dedication towards the profession.

Presenting harsh reality with a touch a humor, Wasu’s poetry is not just a piece of verse but a mind-altering attempt that equally hits your head and heart.

Here’s what some of my people had to say about the video:

Completely agreeing to what they say, we must remember that it’s never too late to change and the power to change and the power to emerge as our own heroes came embedded in us, it’s only waiting to be harnessed. Come forward and play your part like Wasu did! Write something. Do something. Or just click and share the video allowing it to reach and influence a wider mass. After all, it’s the little effort that goes a long way! 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Paving Ways for Brighter Future with #First1000Days of Nutrition – Start Healthy, Stay Healthy!

Photo Courtesy: HolisticSquid

Congratulations! You have a baby! What’s Next?

There’s nothing that can be compared with the ebullient joy of becoming a mother. Not having experienced it myself; however, all those interesting tales being told by my friends strengthen my belief in it. Each one has an unforgettable memory about the beginning of her child’s life. And from all those stories, I can safely conclude that the sacred bond between a mother and her child begins from the very moment the baby finds its way into her womb and once she becomes aware of her baby’s existence, she immediately starts pondering over ways on how to provide her child the perfect start to life. This is where the #First1000Days of healthy nutrition comes into play!

Researchers have identified the fact that environment experienced during the critical time frame of pre and post natal development have modulating effects on an individual’s health later in life. It is the #First1000Days of life from pregnancy to your child’s second birthday that is considered as a crucial period for his/her physical and intellectual development and lifelong health. Therefore, it becomes imperative for a mother-to-be to ensure that her child receives adequate nutrition during this window so as to secure a brighter future for her baby.   

Translating this knowledge into a concrete action, Nestlé Pakistan stepped up and organized a blogger meet at Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi on 12th September 2015 under its initiative titled, ‘Start Healthy, Stay Healthy’.  

Dr. Huma Fahim, Medical Advisor in Nestlé Nutrition, highlighted the significance of the #First1000Days through an informative presentation, which was followed by an interactive quiz.

Photo Courtesy: Sara Muzzammil

Addressing the same concern, Waqar Ahmad, the Head of Corporate Affairs, said, “Nestlé has an expertise in nutrition and believes it has a responsibility to share that expertise. We want to promote better health through good nutrition in the first 1,000 days of life. Research shows that children who don’t get proper nutrition in their early years can’t fully develop their physical and cognitive potential and are at an increased risk of poor health as adults."

The event was attended by prominent bloggers and online influencers who showed their massive support for the initiative and also took a pledge via social media to use their influence to raise awareness about the importance of nutrition in the #First1000Days of a child’s life.

And the journey doesn't end here. In fact, this marks the inception of a comprehensive awareness program that aims at creating a brighter tomorrow for your child starting from a healthier today, thus in turn contributing towards building healthier societies and making this world a better place.

Photo Courtesy: Famma Malik

Let’s come together for a healthy future of Pakistan. Let the #First1000Days do the miracle!