Saturday, June 1, 2019

#InternationalIftar2019 at Avari Towers: Taste in Variety; Variety in Taste

Good food brings people together and a good buffet in Ramadan brings them even closer. United by fast and feast in the holy month of Ramadan, a bunch of bloggers was invited to try out a variety of lavishly served dishes and delicacies at #InternationalIftar2019 buffet being held at Asia Live - AvariTowers, Karachi.  

Serving desi delights and international favorites in a traditional setup, the Iftar/Dinner buffet at Avari Towers should certainly be on your checklist if you are looking for a sumptuous selection of food items, which are equally flavorsome.

My food itinerary began with a bowl of Chana Chaat and Dahi Baray without which an Iftaar platter would look incomplete to me. Next, I immediately headed over to the section where freshly-prepared Chinese/Japanese food was served. Since I had tried BBQ specialties at another buffet earlier, I decided to relish my taste-buds with some authentic Japanese/Thai cuisines this time around.

Starting off with some crisp Tempura prawns that were cooked to perfection, I also had portions of Thai Green Curry and Chicken Teppanyaki poured over a bowl of rice. The curry was creamy and delicious with the right mix of flavors while the perfectly spiced Chicken Teppanyaki also added to the savory experience. Other than what I tried, the huge variety at Asia Live buffet also included dishes like Beef in Oyster Sauce, Chicken in Black Bean Sauce, Wok Fried Noodles, etc.

A wide variety of Pakistani dishes were also included in the menu offering Halwa Puri, Mutton Karahi, Biryaani, etc, making it a challenge for us not to go for a second or third round. However, I kept some space for the desserts for I could see an attractively-presented assortment on the table serving colorful pastries, cakes, mousse, fruit tart, etc.

The food itinerary concluded with soft drinks and conversation over a cup of tea. How I wish I could have tried some fresh lemonade though!

The well-dressed staff was friendly and welcoming. One of their managers asked me if the buffet is worth the amount and I said YES! for this buffet doesn’t only have variety in taste but also has taste in variety that we all seek!

The #InternationalIftar dinner buffet also featured a mini exhibition where beautifully crafted products were displayed portraying our national beauty and diversity.

Priced at Rs. 3195 (+tax), it’s a food haven for those who are an ardent lover of Asian cuisines specifically the flavorsome Japanese delights. There’s no wonder that the space is usually fully-packed.

Here’s a quick rating of its taste, service and ambiance:

Taste: ✮✮✮✮✮

Service: ✮✮✮✮✮

Ambiance: ✮✮✮✮

For reservation and updates, Avari Towers can be digitally perused on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Iftaar-Dinner Buffet at Pearl Continental Hotel – Dishing Food with Style and Taste

Celebrating the spirit of hospitality and sharing in Ramadan, the good people at Pearl Continental Hotel invited me for an Iftaar-Dinner buffet on May 13, 2019 - the very first Iftaar invitation of the season. Organized at the grand, spacious PC Marquee with all the necessary arrangements being done flawlessly, the buffet was a visual treat to the eyes displaying a huge variety of main course meals and desserts being artfully arranged on the round table.

Of all the buffets that I have tried during this season so far, I believe that Pearl Continental Hotel has an edge over them when it comes to food plating or presentation (and I'll let you be the judge here after browsing through the pictures). Speaking about the taste, what had appealed to my palate were Tempura Prawns, Fried Rice, Sweet & Sour Fish and Chicken Wraps. Their live barbecue section delivering piping hot food items including Pasta, Chapli Kebabs, Sajji, Tempura Prawns, etc is worth giving a try!

The buffet also featured a decent selection of our regular Iftaar items including Pakoras, Samosas, Dahi Baray, etc. that I skipped for the dinner and desserts part looked more enticing to my taste buds. Moreover, there was a separate corner for tea enthusiasts where a good steaming cuppa was served to the guests.

The service was remarkable throughout the meal with their staff and chefs on a constant round, making sure that we enjoy the food (and know about what we are eating :p).

The event concluded with a lucky draw activity where prizes were distributed amongst the selected winners.  I was fortunate enough to win a whole bag of goodies by Mehran Foods, which has made my kitchen Eid-ready with its savory delights.

Priced at 2600 PKR (excluding GST), the Iftaar-Dinner Buffet at Pearl Continental Hotel could be your next choice of visit if you enjoy eating BBQ at a comfortable dining spot. Also, there’s some good news for Faysal Bank card holders who can avail 40% off on their reservations. Hurry up before the offer lasts, as they say! ;)

Here's a quick rating for its taste, service and ambiance:

Taste: ✮✮✮

Service: ✮✮✮✮✮

Ambiance: ✮✮✮✮✮

Pearl Continental Hotel can be digitally perused on Facebook and Instagram

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Marhaba at Maraheb: Bringing Flavorsome Arabic Cuisine to Karachi

In the pursuit of adding new flavors to my life with good food,good people and good times,I decided to head over to a newly-opened eatery in K-town called, "Maraheb Pakistan." Located in Bahadurabad, the restaurant features a well-lit, elegantly-decorated setup with a friendly staff waiting to greet you at the entrance! The spacious seating area gives you another reason to visit this place along with your family and friends. 

Speaking about the food, the menu for the day included Rainbow Hummus and Loaded Batata as Starters, Saltah Fasah with Muluawa Bread and Zorbiyan as the Main Course Meals, and Red Velvet Milk Cake and Kunafa with Ice-cream for Desserts.

The all-so-colorful "Rainbow Hummus" was served as the house special in four different flavors including original, beetroot, roasted capsicum,and a spicy blend.

While I got a bit late to try out the Rainbow Hummus, I started off with a bowl full of "Loaded Batata" that not only looked pleasing to the eye but also turned out to be pleasing for the palate. with spicy potatoes topped with mozarella cheese and dynamite sauce, the flavorful explosion had such a delicious impact that I didn't feel like settling for one bowl only!
Next came Saltah Fahsa being served with Muluawa Bread where the bread looked more like a huge garlic naan, enough to fill the tummy of a group of 2-3 people. A sizzling pot of curry containing shredded beef being prepared with a 7-spice mix, the Yemeni dish tasted more or less similar like the spicy Pakistani Beef Stew - a comfort food for the meat lovers.

Being one of the recently introduced items on their menu, "Zorbiyan" was served the next, drawing our complete attention to it because of the way it is being brought on the table. Given a choice to choose between Madhbi and Zorbiyan, I decided to
opt for a small portion of the well-cooked traditional Arabian rice, "Madhbi" that I enjoyed eating along with some tomato sauce.

What came as a delightful accompaniment to the entire good food menu were the desserts! While some of us took delight in feasting on "Kunafa" with Pistachio ice-cream, I stuffed myself with a heavenly slice of "Red Velvet Milk Cake," making it the second best item of the entire dining experience at Maraheb Pakistan.

Here's a quick rating for its taste, service and ambiance:




Maraheb Pakistan can be digitally perused on Facebook and Instagram.

Until next, Happy Munching Folks! 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

5 Reasons Why Gymboree Could Be the Next Best Gift for Your Toddler

“Gymboree is a wonderful interactive program. Parents and children will be delighted to spend time together building strong bonds that will last a lifetime.”
___Dr. Harvey Karp

It’s that time of the year again when I am eagerly anticipating the celebration of one of my favorite toddler’s birthday. My little nephew is turning a year old soon and we cannot just contain our excitement for planning his very first birthday party! A perfect birthday bash, however, remains incomplete without a special birthday gift for the little munchkin. Although, it’s pretty easy to find a super-duper cute birthday gift from any toy store, I had been on a hunt to find something exclusive and entertaining at the same time and that would benefit the baby in the long run. It was when I stumbled upon Gymboree Play & Music Pre-school after being suggested by a close acquaintance.


 Getting to Know Gymboree Play & Music

Before I could finally enroll my little nephew into any of Gymboree Pre-school programs, I decided to explore more about this unique learning space, which eventually led to my very first visit at Gymboree Play & Music Clifton Center in Karachi. And I am so glad I made the right decision!

Greeted by such an amicable staff at the reception, I could clearly tell that I was in for a delightful experience. Ms. Javeria, a professionally-trained instructor at the center, introduced me to various facilities including state-of-the-art Play Gym, Art Studio and Skill Room. She further elaborated about how the colorful and unique class equipment and various play & learn activities being conducted at the center contributes towards early childhood development while producing a breed of talented toddlers. The best part about Gymboree is its curriculum that has been designed by its program directors in collaboration with the international child development experts, Zero to Three.  

By the time she had ended her presentation, I was truly convinced about signing up my nephew for the Pre-school program and following are the five reasons why it turned out to be the best birthday gift for him;

-      Learning Through Play & Fun

One cannot just deny the significance of playful learning in early childhood development process. Be it physical play, construction play, symbolic play or language play, the age-appropriate and goal-directed playful activities serve as an effective vehicle in ensuring the best enrichment education to children. Gymboree provides such opportunities for learning through age-appropriate play & learning activities that build confidence, creativity and imaginative skills in a child aged between 0-5 years. 

“Through Play & Learn, art, movement to music, and tactile exploration, children start to figure out how the world works around them.” And that’s exactly what I wanted for my little Columbus.

-      Where Safety Comes First

From padded floors to various super fun and colorful playing objects, every equipment is being specifically designed by keeping the needs of children in mind. The play floor at Gymboree provides a safe and secure environment for the kids to have fun, learn and explore under individual attention by professionally-trained teachers.

-     Treasured Time with Your Munchkin
The best part about Gymboree classes is the flexibility being given to parents to take part in various fun activities along with their kids. Play dates and parties are being hosted each month for the members to experience a specialized Gymboree party. At Gymboree, it’s not just about kids but it also focuses on fostering a strong parent-child bond. Even the aunts like us could play!                                      
-      Fostering Friendship 

Gymboree Play & Music classes not only let your tiny tots socialize and communicate in a friendly environment but it also lets you network with mothers in the house making it a perfect hang-out for new moms over cups and cradles.


-     The Next Best Kid
Gymboree Play & Music is a center of holistic development that supports social, physical, emotional, and intellectual growth of kids and preschoolers. It is a place where children can find a plethora of learning opportunities and activities that are best suited to their needs. Through these activities, they are not only able to develop academic and cognitive skills but these also play an empirical role in cultivating confidence, communication, perseverance, and cooperation that eventually builds foundation for a healthy and happy future generation.

“Thank you Gymboree for giving my daughter the most amazing memories! She learned to speak when she came here. You’ve taught her such wonderful things,” says Mehreen Ahmed whose daughter had been taking classes at Gymboree while Aima’s mother adds to it;

In case you would like to learn more about Gymboree classes, do sign up for a free demo at Gymboree Play & Music Clifton Center in Karachi by calling them at (021) 35865301-02 or you may also consider attending one of their upcoming storytelling sessions titled, “Telling Tales by Unaizah Ali” scheduled to be held on February 10, 2018. Here’s where you can register for the event:

Remember that it’s the Happy Kids Who Learn Best!         

Friday, January 19, 2018

[#FeatureFriday] Bling it On, Brides with the Dazzling 5!

It’s your wedding day and you want to remember it as the best day of your life – the day when you would want to look your best while never running out of wonderful compliments filled with love and adoration. And therefore, you pick and choose the most stunning wedding outfit on the shelf. But this alone won’t make you a stunner! Isn’t it?

In order to flaunt a perfect bridal look that cannot just go unnoticed, you need to complement the bridal wear with some exquisite jewelry that exudes beauty and brilliance, speaking of which, reminds me of my recent gem-of-a-kind hunt for the finest of all in the wedding bling. As suggested by a friend, I headed over to Moon’s Couture online store where I discovered some gorgeous pieces of wedding jewelry for the traditional and the style-savvy brides. Being based in London’s fashion hub, Moon’s Couture is being known for producing tailor-made jewelry collection, intricately designed by Ms. Memoona Qureshi. From precious pearls to ravishing rubies, dainty diamonds to exotic emeralds, the shop offers bling for every bride.

Here are my top 5 favorite picks from the exclusive collection for five different reasons:

-          - The Beauty of Craftsmanship

Apart from good quality, it is that outstanding beauty of craftsmanship that makes it all appealing. From creating a design to the beading and fabrication, the entire process is dealt with focus and dedication as reflected in each of its pieces.


-          - Personalized to Perfection

Moon’s Couture specializes in creating pieces of customized jewelry while translating your imagination into something beautifully tangible.

-          - Beauty Lies in the Details

Need I say more.

        -  A Flair for Eastern Elegance

Traditional jewelry never runs out of style. It is the new contemporary that dazzles up your glam quotient while you are trying to be at your bridal best. With a flair of Eastern elegance fused with sophisticated ornamentation, Moon’s Couture creates masterpieces that are worth a stare!

        -  From Delicate to Dramatic

Whether you are looking for a beautifully-crafted Mongiya set or an adornment made with a stunning combo of beads and gemstones, Moon’s Couture is a one-stop shop for all. From delicate to dramatic, the crafted designs are worth a look!


Here’s where you can check out their lovely collection! And don’t forget to tell me your best find! :) 

Happy Shopping! 

Saturday, January 13, 2018

[#ShotStory] – A Fun Weekend at #ParchiFunCity

Gone are the days when the upcoming films were only being marketed through various media platforms. Today, we live in an era of entertainment where a film trailer or a billboard poster is not just enough to captivate the attention of the audience but a wide range of interactive and innovative publicity campaigns are essential to gain the mass interest.

Following the same trail of promotion and ballyhoo, the cast and crew of the movie, “Parchi” spent an entire evening at Fun City Pakistan at Giga Mall on 28th December, 2017 and 29th December 2017 at Fun City Centaurus Mall, Islamabad, where they greeted the fans, took photos, signed autographs, experienced the rides and enjoyed an hour of interaction with them. Director Azfar Jafferi, Producer Imran Kazmi along with the cast members Ali Rehman Khan, Hareem Farooq, Usman Mukhtar, Ahmed Ali and Shafqat Khan attended this special meet and greet being hosted by Fun City Pakistan in order to entertain the movie buffs in the Capital.

Here’s a quick glimpse at what happened at the #ParchiFunCity in amazing shots:

The Talk of the Town at the Fun City
Mojiz Hasan - The Wittiest of All
Parchi Makes its Way to the Fun City

All Hands up in the Air

Producer Imran Kazmi Interacting with the Audience

While the Audience Listens Intently

The Witty and the Charming Together in Frame

Fun City Pakistan has been supporting the local film industry for quite a while by highlighting various talent through meet & greets and charity events. The place not only caters to one’s recreational needs through games and rides but it has also been providing top-notch entertainment to its visitors through various events such as Wheel of Fortune game being held earlier.

In case you are looking for a quick escape from boredom, now you know where to head! Thank me later!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

A Spell of Winning Spins and Winning Hearts at Fun City Pakistan

“Food to eat and games to play.
Tell me why, tell me why.
Serve it out and eat it up.
Have a try, have a try.”
― Brian Jacques
What happens when a mall becomes all bright and cheery with evenings featuring exciting games and fun activities? It turns into a Fun City, that’s what! Basking in the ambiance of colors and delight, Fun City Pakistan hosted the first-ever Wheel of Fortune game event at Giga Mall as a part of their Shopping Festival celebration.

Spanning over a period of 10 days, the evenings presented some super fun game challenges to the visitors whose response had been nothing short of overwhelming. Not only the kids participated in the activities with full energy and zeal and zest, the youngsters and the elderly equally took part in them with the same pinch of enthusiasm. No wonder it was such a delight watching people playing musical chairs or blowing up balloons or trying their luck while rolling out dices on the giant Ludo floor competing for the win!


Although, “Everyone’s a Winner” at Fun City Pakistan, the individuals competing for the Wheel of Fortune game had to conquer various “Minute to Win It” challenges in order to qualify for the winning spin. Challenges like Flip the Lid, Face The Cookie, Spoon and Ball Race and Tea Party not only kept the participants entertained but it also turned out to be an enthralling experience for the audience. 


The winning participants who qualified for the spin got their hands on exciting prizes and gift vouchers courtesy of various sponsoring brands including and not limited to Sana Safinaz, Oaks, Claire, Max & Max, Makeup City, Gloria Jeans, Bombay Chowpatti, Juices Island, Pepes Piri Piri, Burger King, China Grill. Now who wouldn’t want some free products on a shopping spree! 

Turning out to be an ideal family outing for everyone this winter, the place had something for everybody to have a good time at the event. The ones who didn’t fancy playing games took delight in the musical performances by celebrities such as Rabi Peerzada who rocked the stage.


Facilitating entertainment to all age groups, Fun City Pakistan has emerged as one of the leading pioneers of family entertainment in Pakistan. Their high adrenaline rides, the Mini Dance Party 360, the Top Flip, etc. make it an amusing recreational hub for all ages and tastes.

So if you are up for some fun along with shopping in the Capital, now you know where to ride!
Follow #FunCityPk on Twitter for more updates on the joy ride!