Tuesday, January 27, 2009


To be happy and content with whatever you have in your life is very important. Happiness doesn’t necessarily mean success or achievement or it does not come with winning things only but it is a state where you feel satisfied in whatever you may have achieved. I had always wanted to pursue medical field as a career but I landed up in Mass Communication. I never knew if I could be a writer someday. However, writing is what makes me feel content today and I cannot even dream of living without it. One should always realize that everything happens for a reason and it happens for a good reason most of the time for Allah Almighty can never plan anything that goes against us.

I would request my beloved readers to suggest a suitable title for the post and I will be choosing one soon :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Believe in Yourself.

It is said that the easiest thing to find in this world are people who may tell you of things that you cannot do. It is hard to find people who may encourage you morally or motivate you in life but yes, every other person in this world is ready to find out flaws in you. I had a habit of taking my decisions according to what people say but then, I realized that they won’t ever let me explore my hidden talents or capabilities. It was then that I decided to follow my heart. I started doing whatever I felt like doing without lending ears to what others say and this has not only helped me become more confident than before but also lets me achieve things that I had thought that I won’t be able to. Therefore, “believe in yourself and your abilities and aim for the stars and never pay attention to the people who discourage” is one of the significant lessons that I have learnt in my life.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


People might consider me insane and crazy but I like having conversations with myself. A man’s best friend is his own inner soul and speaking to oneself helps a great deal in finding solutions to one’s own issues. Whenever I am facing a certain problem, I talk it over with myself. This not only helps me understand the issue more clearly but also provides space to think about the matter again. And there have been times when I had been able to come up with a fruitful conclusion as well. Soliloquy also helps in making me realize my potentials and flaws. It is in solitude that one discovers a lot about himself. Above all, I do not have to bother my friends in my problematic situations as I always have a best friend accompanying me all the time. However, it should be remembered that besides being a best friend, a man is the worst enemy of himself as well. Whether you land up being your own friend or enemy largely depends upon the way you think, the way you converse, and the way you feed your subconscious mind.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Reaction Counts More.

Once I was having a talk with one of my friends who told me an interesting story, according to which, life consists of 10% of what is happening around us and the rest of the 90% depends on how do we react to it. For instance, there is a family having breakfast on the table and the little girl spills some tea on his father’s shirt unintentionally. The father scolds her daughter and goes upstairs to find another shirt for himself. The girl misses her van because of spending some time crying and her father needs to drop her at school then. He reaches office a little late and gets a scold from his boss, consequently ruining the entire day. However, if her father would have reacted in another way, he wouldn’t have suffered much. What if he did not scold his daughter and she wouldn’t have cried? She wouldn’t have missed her van and her father would have reached his office on time and would have spent a good day. This shows that it is not what happens around us that decides the fate of the day but it is how we react to any situation that does.

Thank you, Dawood for sharing a meaningful story, which, I hope, my readers would find interesting too.