Monday, April 6, 2015

Show-stoppers at #TFPW15 – The Drool-worthy Icing on the Cake!

Elvis must have left the building by now but the fashionistas including the designers and the enthusiastic crowd that had been present at Telenor Fashion Pakistan Week (TFPW15), continue to dwell in the awe-inspiring moments being experienced at the event, which was no less than a “a mid-spring’s night dream.” Four nights featuring the outstanding designers’ collections having celebrities strut in their glamorous garments, the fashion show came with a lot of surprises on the ramp.

Revolving around what an influential fashion designer, Coco Chanel, once said, “A beautiful dress may look beautiful on a hanger, but that means nothing. It must be seen on the shoulders, with the movement of the arms, the legs, and the waist,” the designers had chosen some of the brightest superstars as their show-stoppers including one from the Bollywood galaxy as well. 

The stunning show-stoppers, belonging to diversified walks of life, not only made this show memorable with their presence but also left everyone awestruck as they walked down the ramp. Following is the list of all the cool show-stoppers who ruled the ramp at #TFPW15:

Shehzad Roy for Abdul Samad Collection

The colorful and flamboyant collection by Abdul Samad was all about show-stopping acts and craziness including Shehzad Roy as its show-stopper who added the much-needed momentum on stage.

Photo Credits: Umer Hafeez (@bloggerumer)

Wasim Akram for Levis

Who could have expected watching a celebrated sportsman on the fashion runway! At #TFPW15, Levis Pakistan did a brilliant job of tapping into talent from a totally different sphere such as sports and brought the cricket champion, Wasim Akram on the ramp. The audience was bowled out as Wasim Akram caught their attention with his persona exuding charm and exuberance. 

Photo Credits: Movie Shoovy (@diffthinking2)

Pooja Bhatt & Ali Azmat for Deepak Perwani

Featuring one of the most favorite Indian actresses and one of the most popular Pakistani singers, this duo stole the show on the grand finale of #TFPW15 by marching diligently for the “La Dolce Vita” collection by Deepak Perwani. Watching Pooja Bhatt own the runway took us to the good ole’ 90s and made us miss her movies.

Photo Credits: Tapu Javeri

While the celebrities sashaying down the fashion runway had mesmerized the audience with their beauty and charm, the conscientious efforts being put together by Team Fashion Pakistan Council, Team HUM TV Networks and the digital friendly Team Mind Map Communications also need to be appreciated for they served as the show-stoppers off the ramp by executing the event with utmost efficiency.

Team Fashion Pakistan Council (PC: @FashionPakistan)

Team HUM TV Networks (PC: Tapu Javeri)

Team Mind Map Communications (PC: @FashionPakistan)

Missing the buzz already, I am eagerly looking forward to TFPW A/W 2015, which according to the little birdie, is expected to be around September 24-27 2015. Now you know where to watch for the updates, don’t you? ;)