Friday, February 13, 2009

Communicare - My First Group Assignment at FAIMC (Feroze Ahmed Institute of Mass Communication).

Mass Communication is a vast and diversified field covering varied literary horizons that keep on expanding with time; however, journalism has always been a significant component of this field, and therefore, being the students of Mass Communication, we had been asked to prepare a sample newspaper as a part of our English assignment. After days of toil and relentless efforts by a team comprising of six students including myself being the editor and Safina, Ibtesam, Rizwan, Fatima and Ailya as the reporters, we finally managed to transform our vision into reality in the form of Communicare.

While working in a group, I realized if what teamwork is in its real essence. I can never forget the little arguments that we had while deciding what needs to be included in the paper or not, the cheers and laughter as we tried putting our creativity in the doodles, and the moral support we gave to each other at different times.

Communicare is indeed a significant part of my scholastic voyage to the world of journalism and media. Below are a few images of Communicare-my first group assignment at FAIMC.

Happy Coup d' oeil!