Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lonesome without You.

Have you ever wondered how alone would I be?
While gazing at the moon and walking by the sea
While the gentle wind would play with the tresses of my hair
And the chilly breeze would freeze my salty, flowing tears
While the Mother Nature’s shower would be tapping at the pane
And I could hear the whistling of the distant trains
Have you ever wondered if what is solitary’s pain?
While I would pass by the sweet dwelling that we shared
The times when we had fought, and the moments when we cared
While I would feel affrighted by a terrifying nightmare
The times when I would be surrounded by the unseen fears
When there would be a winning, a time to celebrate
Or a phase of failure, a stroke of ill-fate
While the sonance of the silence would all that be heard
And the surrounding views would go on getting blurred
While the soul would lastly be liberated and set free
Will you then be wondering if how alone I had been?