Friday, March 27, 2009

The Seven Wonders of my Life.

While “life is a necklace of fears” as Björk expresses in the song “Bachelorette,” I may define life as a priceless necklace embellished with beads of miracles, marvels, and momentous experiences woven together by the divine Creator. Among the countless spherules (events) of varied shades and hues, the significant seven of them that impart beauty and spark to my life’s necklace are:

The day my brother was born and I was able to hold him in my lap.

The day I received the results of my matriculation examination since the grades were much higher than expected.

The day I secured admission in the AKHSS.

The moment when I lent my first gaze to the person who was not destined to be mine.

The day I received the first billet doux of my life.

The day when I was notified about one of my poems being published in a book.

And above all, the times when I mustered up my strength with the assistance of my family and friends.

Without a doubt, I can tag the above-mentioned events as the “Seven Wonders of my Life,” which had been infused with diversified kinds of beliefs, emotions and sentiments.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

From Homey Household to Hostelry.

Having spent a considerable time of my life in a hostel, I decided to write a few lines about hostel life. As there are two sides to every question, life in a hostel has two faces; it can be advantageous as well as harmful at the same time. Since the atmosphere is entirely different, one learns a lot while staying at a hostel. Hostel life teaches one if how to be dependent on his own. I, myself, became confident after spending time in a hostel otherwise I had been a shy person earlier. Communicating with people having different backgrounds certainly improved my communications skills, though it made me more talkative too. I learned to develop adaptability, which helped me in coping with varied environments. But one of the things that I certainly missed being a hosteler was the care and affection of my parents as I had no one to look after me in times of sickness. I had missed long talks with my loved ones but the little sacrifices that I made definitely paid off.

Monday, March 23, 2009

My Best Teacher in Life.

We all have various experiences in our life and experience teaches us what nothing else can do. Whether it is a good experience or a bad one, we do learn something from it in the end. However, sometimes we do learn the lessons very late as well. I, too, have many experiences in my entire life, and sometimes I have a feeling that I have experienced much more than the others at an age of 24. The periods of pain, grief and agony have taught me to be patient. They have made me realized if what faith in Allah means and how much is it important and how does belief in Allah results in bestowing blessings upon us. The failures of my life have taught me to struggle more instead of repenting. The experience of betrayals have taught me if who to trust upon. It has helped me in recognizing my friends and foes. Undoubtedly, experience is the best teacher in my life.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Practicing Patience.

Patience and tolerance are one of the moral acts that should be practiced in our everyday life. Patience empowers us while lack of it causes troubles. But how many people amongst us are practitioners of patience? I am sure there would be a few as you can see hundreds of impatient individuals each day. While driving, each one of us is in a rush to reach our destination and we seldom give way to the ambulances, just because we aren’t being patient enough. Have you ever seen a queue outside a bank, a line of people waiting to get their bills done? You would always find them complaining that the worker doesn’t work well, however, the truth is that the people can’t wait for their turn patiently. What do we do while we are facing hardships in our life? We start complaining to Gods, don’t we? We do realize that everything happens for a reason but we do not realize it then just because of being impatient. Patience needs to be practiced in every sphere of life as it certainly bears fruits in the end.