Monday, April 27, 2009

Life Goes On As It Never Ends.

Life nowadays seems to pass by fast. About a year ago, I felt myself as a failure having nothing to do in my life; I seemed to have lost in a darkened tunnel that appeared to have stretched over a thousand miles; I was surrounded by feelings of despair and regret and even felt suicidal at times, depression was all that I had. But then if I see myself now, the conditions have improved to a great extent, I never could have imagined that time that I will be gaining my will power again. Two years have passed and I am still waiting for the lost to return, a person who never used to stay without me even for a week went away and hasn’t returned yet. Two years ago, I had been thinking if how I would be able to move on with life with wounds that could never heal but with the passage of time, I occupied myself with varied tasks so as to divert my mind and my life seems to go by too fast now and I am glad it does!