Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Discovery Never Too Late

At times, we are too innocent to see the truth or may be, too naïve to realize where we are headed. Blinded by hate, and being ignorant, we are only able to listen to the cacophony of noises in our head leading us to the forbidden places.  Alas! The realization of being enslaved comes only as a climax.

“I was a spectacle of innocence, and how I continued to grow away from it year after year,” he thought as he saw his reflection in the silvery moonshine dancing on the waves………. a discovery never too late.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Angel's Demise

After having divorced, I never thought if I could find true love again until I met A*** by fate...later lost by his choice. Keeping my promise, here goes my last dedication to him and I believe I will never be able to love a man or myself again. And this might be my last piece of poetry.

Between those imaginations so vivid and the realities now so stark

Lies a soul in desolate wilderness, left only with her scars

A woman, once known as an Angel by the man of her life

Is no more than a carrion existence consumed by a million lies

Her heart, though, still is found…wrapped around the possession that she prized

Her hands have cradled broken glass until she cried and died

Closing her eyes to the merciless world in the wee hours of that night

She had thought about the moments, the gestures, the love and her only fright

Was it the reflection of good she had seen in him or was it the goodness in her to be blamed

Had it been that her prayers were answered or another suffering ordained.