Friday, February 29, 2008

Loving You.

With brimming tears and aching heart
I kept on wondering what made us part
What made you turn away your face?
Letting me follow the sufferer’s race
And while you turn a deaf ear to
The words I spoke or wrote to you
I wondered if it were really you
An unforeseen illusion becoming true
When times have changed, and so are you
Still, why do I keep doting you?
And when there is nothing left to be true
Yet, why do I keep loving you?

Weird Whispers.

Alone in my darkened room
Along with the blessed solitude
I lay straight and stare the wall
Figuring out my life's rises and falls
Thinking that I may belong to somewhere else
Knowing it made a little sense
Comprehending the purpose of my existence
Was I being created for practicing persistence
Thinking what forced me for doing wrongs
Why was I destined to hear the melancholic songs?
And when I ended up questioning myself
I saw a ray of light entering the room
I woke up and took a great deep sigh
A sigh of relief, that's what I believe
As Lord has shown me the way to fly
A reason to live; a purpose to die