Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Cheetos’ #FlaminHotToss – Let the #Cricket Begin!

The game of cricket always begins with a toss and with each coin toss comes immense curiosity for the cricket enthusiasts if which team is going to bat or field first. However, it was not just about deciding the fate of the game this time. It was a little different. And a lot interesting indeed!

As I watched the first ODI begin with a coin toss between Pakistan and England today, it was something about the flip that caught my attention. I could see that the coin being tossed was branded by none other than one of our flavory favorites, the Cheetos! And this was “something out-of-the-box!”

The branded coin toss activity by Cheetos serves as an excellent example of positive brand exposure and marketing beyond advertisements on screen. In the world of marketing campaigns, #CheetosCoinToss emerged as a creative attempt at reinforcing the brand’s essence successfully through the #FlaminHotToss on ground, thus combining the elements of fun and sport together. And what a brilliant idea it was!

Photo Source: The News Tribe

From Kung Fu to Cricket, Cheetos has always been finding ways to entertain us and I wonder what’s next in its course of exciting journey! Until next, Eat, Pray & Love and

Let the Games Begin! J

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