Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Marhaba at Maraheb: Bringing Flavorsome Arabic Cuisine to Karachi

In the pursuit of adding new flavors to my life with good food,good people and good times,I decided to head over to a newly-opened eatery in K-town called, "Maraheb Pakistan." Located in Bahadurabad, the restaurant features a well-lit, elegantly-decorated setup with a friendly staff waiting to greet you at the entrance! The spacious seating area gives you another reason to visit this place along with your family and friends. 

Speaking about the food, the menu for the day included Rainbow Hummus and Loaded Batata as Starters, Saltah Fasah with Muluawa Bread and Zorbiyan as the Main Course Meals, and Red Velvet Milk Cake and Kunafa with Ice-cream for Desserts.

The all-so-colorful "Rainbow Hummus" was served as the house special in four different flavors including original, beetroot, roasted capsicum,and a spicy blend.

While I got a bit late to try out the Rainbow Hummus, I started off with a bowl full of "Loaded Batata" that not only looked pleasing to the eye but also turned out to be pleasing for the palate. with spicy potatoes topped with mozarella cheese and dynamite sauce, the flavorful explosion had such a delicious impact that I didn't feel like settling for one bowl only!
Next came Saltah Fahsa being served with Muluawa Bread where the bread looked more like a huge garlic naan, enough to fill the tummy of a group of 2-3 people. A sizzling pot of curry containing shredded beef being prepared with a 7-spice mix, the Yemeni dish tasted more or less similar like the spicy Pakistani Beef Stew - a comfort food for the meat lovers.

Being one of the recently introduced items on their menu, "Zorbiyan" was served the next, drawing our complete attention to it because of the way it is being brought on the table. Given a choice to choose between Madhbi and Zorbiyan, I decided to
opt for a small portion of the well-cooked traditional Arabian rice, "Madhbi" that I enjoyed eating along with some tomato sauce.

What came as a delightful accompaniment to the entire good food menu were the desserts! While some of us took delight in feasting on "Kunafa" with Pistachio ice-cream, I stuffed myself with a heavenly slice of "Red Velvet Milk Cake," making it the second best item of the entire dining experience at Maraheb Pakistan.

Here's a quick rating for its taste, service and ambiance:




Maraheb Pakistan can be digitally perused on Facebook and Instagram.

Until next, Happy Munching Folks!