Wednesday, September 23, 2015

[#Poetry] - Another Sarah

Born in the caring motherly womb like a precious pearl in a clam
Died as a woebegone woman; in pursuing the merciless love of a man
She opened her eyes to the world; she thought was pure and kind
But she never knew this would be just the illusions of her mind
As she traveled down the path, and reached the prime of her life
She felt being lost in the dark and tried looking for the light
The light that once shone from the innocence of her eyes
The light that was blurred by deceit and the shameful, painful lies
The light that could blind her so that she could not ever see
The fallacious faces of people, their deceit and the misery
The light that could strike her mind and make it numb for eternity
So that she could blindly love without sensing the insincerity
She always had a fight with the soul she was blessed
She was weird for the world and ugly for the rest
She always pondered over if she was the worst amongst the best
Her life revolved around this never-ending quest
Then, there came a time when she got tired and decided to close her eyes
To wander far, far away from the people into the secluded paradise
To rise and reborn, to search and synchronize
The purpose of her existence with the cosmos and the mazes of the mind.

This piece of poetry has been published in an anthology titled, "The Inspired Heart - Edition 2" by Melinda Cochrane International. The anthology can be purchased online at Amazon