Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Song of Eternity

In the temple of her mind, every thought of him
Is a sacred testament reflecting her Love’s divinity
In the heart of her soul that lies battered and disfigured
Lives a passion longing for Eternity
In the blissful extensions that cover her face
One can see the trails of tears so vividly
The tears that were neither wept nor cried
The tears that were hold in her Love’s sanctity
In the sullen and vexed gaze of her eyes
One can trace the unwritten history
Of the jumbled letters that were never worded or uttered
Of the vague and wispy mystery
In the song of her soul or her life’s choir
One can hear solemn notes of agony
The song that could now only be played by him
The song of Eternity…….

The above posted poem is dedicated to my eternal love, Sarfaraz Ali. Moreover, the music being played in the background is one of Yanni's masterpieces.