Saturday, October 24, 2015

Wasu Returns with Mind-Boggling Poetry on Education in Pakistan

Amidst the various forms of corruption prevailing in Pakistan, the state of degeneracy in the education system of our country is the most gravest of all. The ever-increasing number of so-called “ghost schools” emerging in the region is an alarming situation, which can only bring our education system closer to a collapse as we continue to remain silent and ignorant to our surroundings.

In times like these calling for desperate measures and a reawakening, Wasu Khan, the poet and pop star hailing from Balochistan, stepped up and recorded poetry in hope of enlightening the masses about the saddening and disappointing state of schools and ‪education in our country. His well-articulated piece of poetry was recently picked up by an educational campaign called “Alif Ailaan” who had shared his recitation on their social media pages and this is where I discovered him.

Poetry by Wasu Khan
A humorous, yet eye-opening poetry by Wasu Khan on education-related issues in Pakistan.
Posted by Alif Ailaan on Friday, October 16, 2015

The poetry clearly reflects a number of corrupt practices lurking within the sector which includes and are not limited to the presence of weak governance and poor management, lack of proper infrastructure, the mismanagement of funds and the absence of true dedication towards the profession.

Presenting harsh reality with a touch a humor, Wasu’s poetry is not just a piece of verse but a mind-altering attempt that equally hits your head and heart.

Here’s what some of my people had to say about the video:

Completely agreeing to what they say, we must remember that it’s never too late to change and the power to change and the power to emerge as our own heroes came embedded in us, it’s only waiting to be harnessed. Come forward and play your part like Wasu did! Write something. Do something. Or just click and share the video allowing it to reach and influence a wider mass. After all, it’s the little effort that goes a long way! 

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