Friday, March 13, 2009

Practicing Patience.

Patience and tolerance are one of the moral acts that should be practiced in our everyday life. Patience empowers us while lack of it causes troubles. But how many people amongst us are practitioners of patience? I am sure there would be a few as you can see hundreds of impatient individuals each day. While driving, each one of us is in a rush to reach our destination and we seldom give way to the ambulances, just because we aren’t being patient enough. Have you ever seen a queue outside a bank, a line of people waiting to get their bills done? You would always find them complaining that the worker doesn’t work well, however, the truth is that the people can’t wait for their turn patiently. What do we do while we are facing hardships in our life? We start complaining to Gods, don’t we? We do realize that everything happens for a reason but we do not realize it then just because of being impatient. Patience needs to be practiced in every sphere of life as it certainly bears fruits in the end.


Anonymous said...

thats very true and you have written it very nice!!

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Elizabeth Bradley said...

I have always felt that patience is the one thing that I have going for me despite whatever else happens I have my patience on my side. It is a gift often overlooked in this life.

Myraine said...

It seems that your site has a lot of inspiring stories. Will surely follow your posts. Thanks!

cutestangel said...

Patience is the greatest of all virtues.
Nice post.

Anonymous said...

You have described me in a very delicate and sensitive way.
That is my life too.

Sarah Rahman said...

@ Elizabeth Bradley: True, indeed!

@ Myraine: Thank you for following, Myraine. And for finding my posts to be inspirational.

Thank you @ cutestangel :)

Just Out....! said...

Dear miss sarah,
"Patience empowers us while lack of it causes troubles.."
These words of yours are so perfect....:)
My interpretation is

2.society(conscience+consiousness)= madeup of individuals(conscience+consiousness) dwelling in it
3.Each individuals's choice to practice patience will make society patient as a whole
I wish each individual chooses to be that in turn society as whole experiences the power of practising patience..
Reshma Qureshi!!