Thursday, March 26, 2009

From Homey Household to Hostelry.

Having spent a considerable time of my life in a hostel, I decided to write a few lines about hostel life. As there are two sides to every question, life in a hostel has two faces; it can be advantageous as well as harmful at the same time. Since the atmosphere is entirely different, one learns a lot while staying at a hostel. Hostel life teaches one if how to be dependent on his own. I, myself, became confident after spending time in a hostel otherwise I had been a shy person earlier. Communicating with people having different backgrounds certainly improved my communications skills, though it made me more talkative too. I learned to develop adaptability, which helped me in coping with varied environments. But one of the things that I certainly missed being a hosteler was the care and affection of my parents as I had no one to look after me in times of sickness. I had missed long talks with my loved ones but the little sacrifices that I made definitely paid off.


Faisal Ali Arain said...

To spent student or work life in hostel is a experience everyone feels in a different way but not everyone writes about it.
Sarah had written her experience of hostel life in a way we are interested to read it.

Sarah Rahman said...

@ Faisal: I am glad you enjoyed reading it.