Monday, March 31, 2008

The Worrying Whys Within

The worrying whys still haunt my mind
And the Acherontic aura surrounds me
Neither letting me live nor letting me die
The story still confounds me
Had it been the Divine play or the Tempter’s little game
The miraculous reality of my life or a hallucinating dream frame
Had it been a pure devotion or an infatuation ended with time
Had it been my fault or yours masterminded sweet crime
If I had several flaws and never let you feel mine
What made you love me then before choosing to decline
If you had been the one alone to give up and give in
What would you call the stances when
I never treated your lies as sins
If faith was all you had in me, and the affection would have been true
How come you placed false blames on me been based on reasons untrue
And now when we have separate ways to follow and pursue
All I need is a justifiable reply for all the questions from you
Since, worrying whys still haunt my mind
While, the answers to the questions I try to find.



very interesting.
:) good job sarah

f a d i said...

i liked it...fantastic! hats off to you dear. Hamesha khush rahoo, jeeti rahoo!

Samuel Jackson said...

There is a lot of pain in this poem. If a reader can feel, what you want them to feel, then i think you've got the right words at the right place in this poem.
You've a fantastic talent Sarah. You really do have a great talent!


Sharat Jaswal

Scribbler said...


keep it rollin;)

Arshad said...

Great work sarah, nice compilation of deep thoughts.. I really like ur efforts...
keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant stuff!

Anonymous said...

u express u'r self in a beautiful manner. life is not always bed of roses but i must say.... life is sooooo beautiful... its us who make it worst...
Sarah u've a big heart and strong vision. keep u'r self high and have a faith on U...
u'll always win

FAKHAR said...

wow....!! beautiful its amazing im impressed ur out of ths world miss sarah keep it up GOD BLESS U...!!! FROM FAKHAR

Philip G. Zimbardo said...

Sometimes whatever we visualize, it doesn't exist and whatever exist, we can't visualize.

Your work is good but... Whatever you feel is not true, even you know that you are feeling wrong but still you live in infatuation. I am a professor in mind related studies and found that you are not a real schriber, you write after your false dreams. Nobody can help you.

KP said...

guess u hv been thr real troubled times if not then u hv gr8 imagination.

Shayan said...

Hey , I am not much a fan of poems but twas a nice attempt indeed!!

And for heaven's sake REMOVE the word verification thingy!!


Anonymous said...

like the lady says, it is very expressive... ;)

keep up the good work...

Vinayak said...

u have gr8 job!!!
When I read ur 1st post I liked it very much.Then 2nd was also amaing and 3rd is also briliant!!!

Sarah Rahman said...

Thank you @ Sheryar, @ Fadi, and @ Sharat for being a few of my regular readers.

@ Scribbler: I believe in having a firm faith instead of having hopes...expectations, when unfulfilled, hurt immensely.

@ Arshad, Fakhar, Shayan, Convict Majnu, and Vinayak: Thanks for liking my work.

@ KP: You guessed it right.

@ Philip G. Zimbardo: I would appreciate if you could suggest a way out. It's a piece of writing reflecting the thoughts that keep on haunting my mind. I have been through these times and therefore, I have written whatever I had felt. But perceptions may be different from one individual to another...true?

Anonymous said...

I always motivated by you, your views and way of thinking, again, appreciate for this nice post.

- Murk