Friday, February 29, 2008

Loving You.

With brimming tears and aching heart
I kept on wondering what made us part
What made you turn away your face?
Letting me follow the sufferer’s race
And while you turn a deaf ear to
The words I spoke or wrote to you
I wondered if it were really you
An unforeseen illusion becoming true
When times have changed, and so are you
Still, why do I keep doting you?
And when there is nothing left to be true
Yet, why do I keep loving you?



such an amazing poetry..
good job :)

HaMaD said...

hmmm.. well i wud say 'sarah' is young in age bt v much mature in her vision.. Gr8 WOrk.. Well Done :D

Content Authors said...

Well done ! Dear friend Sarah , You have really done a needlework of magical words and thoughts which attract the readers in such a way the they feel like floating in the dreams of love valley .The style and way of writing is also superb . ...........Great ! keep on doing such master piece .

your Friend


f a d i said...

Wow...Impressive!this you really about that, no question about it!keep the good work going.

Anonymous said...

Its Great ! Dear Sarah You have really done a Great Work of your words and thoughts.These are attractive and feeling of love .
Your writing style is also very good .Keep it Up and Become a member of our URDU Adab Group.
Keepit up
Well Done . You done a great Job with Your hand.

Best Wishes

Atta : Atta ur Rehman Qureashi

Scribbler said...

It's tough to find a reason when you're blinded by it.

keep it rollin;)

Syed Nouman Faheem said...

Amazingly awesome combination of words even nerd like me with no sense of poetry got the point :-)

good work and best wishes for future.

inNoceNt said...

good work yr ur the best fantastic poetry, keep it up

Ali said...

she has summed up a very true phase of one's life in a very proper way.. PAR EXCELLENCE !

mahmy said...

Wonderful verses Sarah,really...I think that whoever experienced something like that can empathize with ur words..and this is the magic of poetry..great work and..good luck girl ;D

Larry Brauner said...

It strikes a chord in me. I've been there too.

smriti said...

wow!!! loved it :)

Abhinav Viswambharan said...

nice flow...nice rhyming... :)

C R D said...

nice poem. definitely had a feel to it. just wanna make a suggestion though. u seemed too keen on trying to make rhymes, which is not really necessary in a poem, because sometimes, when u try too hard to make wwords rhyme, the essence gets diluted.

ANyway, it was nice:)


sami said...

what if this a question to be asked to some one in this regard? its superb u got these words of interrogation but i m sure that if this is a question no one really is going to access such words to answer... its a masterpiece buddy
ur fan

Sarah Rahman said...

@ Sheryar, Fadi, and Nouman: Thank you again :)

@ Hamad: I am getting older, Hamad :)

@ A.Rahman, Atta, Innocent, Ali, Smriti, Abhinav, mahmy, and Sami: Thanks a ton! :)

@ Larry: How about your life now? I hope you are experiencing a better phase.

@ CRD: Your suggestions are appreciated, Chris. I haven't been into poetry much, and therefore, I will always be needing critiques so as to write more effectively.