Thursday, October 9, 2008

Let Us Plan Peace.

Let us drench our souls with the fountains of pure love
And cleanse our hearts from hatred
Let us free our minds from all the turbulence
All fears, all pains, and all that’s dreaded
Let the melodies of sacred harmony be played and entertained
And the call of the innocent be heard
Let the tranquil aura surround the celestial sphere
And let the true peace be observed
Let the violence end and the bloodshed cease
Which breaches all the peace
Let the wars in the world be abolished and done away with
And the spirits of unity increase
Let the world be a heavenly cosmos
For us to live and share
A pacific place in the holy space
For all the people, dear


dsufijan said...

Dear Sarah,

This truly is a novel notion - the dream of innocent souls to see the world at last be tranquil and yet so naive is the desire. All the physical ailments take a toll on us and this is where we are placed on the borderline of internal strife between good and evil!

Excellent words and a beautiful artistic notion, I must say.

Anonymous said...


Beautiful work.

Congratulations on combining important messages into your amazing artistic work.

Dr. Sally Witt

Roland said...

I read some of your poems and I must say, they are good, better than mine poems.

C R D said...

hey, welcome to Bloggeratti

I know uve written this in October, but a very apt poem in the aftermath of the Mumbai Terror Attacks..


Hope to see u active on the community forum :)

C R D said...

and oh, if possible disable word verification...peace :)

Tracy Karol said...

Your writing is beautiful. The cynic in me doesn't see this happening, but wouldn't it be wonderful if the world could be such a place? My writing is much darker, I'm afraid. I love your work. Stay optimistic.

Sorcerer said...

nice one

E!$|-|@L said...

left me of the best i hv ever read...

keep writing!

Vikram said...


Stranger said...

nice blog....theme is also very nice.
keep it up.....

i am also running a blog...whenever you got time just visit mine

Pallavi Singh said...

Hi Sarah

All ur poems r very nice....most importantly it's very difficult to weave heartfelt words which rhyme as well...

Looking forward for more...:))

Sarah Rahman said...

@ dsufijan: Yes, Dawood...I wish if we all could realize.

@ Dr. Sally Witt: Thank you for appreciating my work, Dr. Sally :)

@ Sorcerer, Eishal, Stranger, and Pallavi: Thank you so much.

@ Roland: You seem to have a nice collection on your blog. And it is much organized.

@ Tracy: Thank you for liking :)