Monday, March 28, 2016

#ServisShoes: New Summer Collection for All Walks of Life

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a pair of fabulous shoes.”

Setting out in search of your perfect sole, you come across several creations – each one depicting its own style and story. The quest is no less than a fairy-tale where you get to pick and choose the right one according to your choice and taste so that you could live in those shoes happily ever after.

With summers around the corner and shoe fetish blooming in heart, I have also been on a challenging quest of finding the right fit until I found Liza, which is one of the signature lines of Servis Shoes.

One of the Pakistan’s leading footwear brands, Servis, has recently launched its new summer collection including their signature lines Ndure, Liza and ToZ – and which are now available at their stores across Pakistan. This newly-launched collection can be one of the most suitable options for those seeking a blend of trend and comfort in their perfect sole-mate during summers.

The new collection has been launched by the brand, with a TVC campaign titled “Servis Shoes: Utaarney Ka Scene Hi Nahi”. The TVC shows various hip and youthful individuals in situations where one would take their shoes off, but in this case, they are so madly in love with their Servis shoes that shoe owners don’t take the shoes off – and are seen wearing the shoes to bed, while swimming and even while taking a bath!  

Ever witnessed such true love, eh? Have a look!

Servis Summer Collection 2016

Servis ki New Summer Collection... Itni DILTASTIC prices mein ke Utaarnay Ka Scene Hee Nahi!#diltastic#sceneheenahi

Posted by Servis on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

This new TVC campaign by Servis reinforces the brand’s identity and its promise of catering to the daily footwear needs of people belonging to various age groups while the surprising variety of the shoe collection speaks for itself. 

You can have a look at the new summer collection on their website at or visit their Facebook page:

With its multi-brand approach and aesthetic designs, Servis Shoes has always remained one of the favorite choices for shoe aficionados and it also helped me in finding the perfect match!

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