Tuesday, December 15, 2015

#AaRahaHaiX – A Twitter Tale of Pure Curiosity!

So, here’s a story that occurred this past Monday evening while I was taking a stroll through the ever-evolving and engaging world of hashtags and retweets. While browsing and navigating my way through the nooks and crannies of the Tweetosphere, I saw #AaRahaHaiX as one of the trending topics and Lo! It just caught my attention right there. After all, it’s an X that always creates curiosity, isn’t it? *winks*

What added more to this unshaken curiosity was the picture featuring mesmerizingly lovely Nargis Fakhri pursing her lips into a Ssshh gesture, thus making it more captivating for the tweeples who couldn't help themselves from coming up with what you call as the wild guesses.

However, all thanks to this tweet being posted by Mr. Aamir Ibrahim that helped us find one of the pieces of this enticing maze revolving around X. The tweet helped us know that #AaRahaHaiX has something to do with Mobilink, and something exciting is about to be revealed in the coming days.

In the quickly changing world of hashtags and tweets where events keep on unfolding in seconds, it isn’t easy for a certain hashtag to stand out from the rest, make it to the trending list and remain there for long. However, #AaRahaHaiX kept the entire Twitterati wondering for quite long, thus remaining on trend for several hours.

Agreeing to what one of the Tweeples (@Quaid_Official) had posted, now we all do know that #AaRahaHaiX and its presence can be sensed somewhere around the corner but what exactly is it going to be, still remains a mystery. And as mentioned earlier, there have been plenty of wild guesses but tweets mentioning X to be a series of smartphones/android phones appear to be the most logical of all.

While the curtain still needs to be raised, all I can say is

#AaRahaHaiX & We Are Just Too Curious!!!


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