Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Fairy and The Firefly.

Fireflies are mortals, they are destined to die
How come the fairy had expected it, to show the way to fly?

Trapped in the Cimmerian tunnel of despair and false hope
There resides a lost fairy who still yearns for the light
As the folklore depicts, a fire beetle in the tunnel
Had been once a source for her lambent delight

The fire beetle had its glow, its glimmer and its incandescence
That had radiated warmth and love for the lost
And the lost fairy had danced in its aura of radiance
With her soul entirely engrossed

Awestricken by its warm glimmer, the fairy had not realized
What the fate of a firefly could be
That a firefly may show a way to the wanderer
Or it could go dimmer or possibly flee

How naïve of her that she did not know
‘Tis a fatal attraction that won’t survive
The firefly would either die or flee away
Abandoning her in the middle of nowhere to strive

The fairy should have known better, what she not knew
Those fireflies are mortals, they are destined to die
She should have known that the fire beetles cannot
Show her the way to fly …….


viyoma said...

Hey that was wonderful, subtle expression yet powerful impact.
Seldom do the poetic versions tune this way!!

Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

very nicely written, save for the usage of the word, fire beetle. was slightly out of place. :)

Anonymous said...

its awesome...frankly i am not commenting on your style of writing(though it is good too)but the actual gist of the poem which i really liked..keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Have you considered the fact that this might work another way? I am wondering if anyone else has come across something
like this in the past? Let me know your thoughts...

Sarah Rahman said...

Dear Unknown:

I would like to know if what is meant by "this might work another way." Please let me know so that I may be able to convey my thoughts in a better way :)

Rosanne Dingli said...

I wonder why you chose such an old-fashioned poetic style for this poem, which would have benefitted from a looser, more approachable scheme. I liked the subject, however.

Michael said...

This is the first entry in your blog that I have read, and I am really impressed. Beautifully written and there is a "message" too! I will be visiting your site for more! Best of luck on your efforts! : )


MadameRogue said...

I really enjoyed reading this. It was very nicely written. Kudos ;)

I could never write something like that...not that I'm trying to copy you or anything, it's just that I have trouble being descriptive in my writing.

Well, I'll stop before I begin rambling. Just very well done :)

wild blue orchid said...

Hi sarah...i love the "fairy and the firefly" not sure if i interpret it correctly or if there is a correct way to do so...after all art is what you perceive it to be!...well any case the "fairy and the fire fly" kind of reminded me that in some ways we are all like the fairy...lost sometimes in a tunnel...seeking a way and again following something that seems to be what we want...never to sure to venture to close in fear of damage or loss...either to ourself or what we are following!!...but hopeful in what we follow...

please keep up the good work Sarah..spell binding stuff!!!

"wild blue orchid"

katherine Jane said...

i love the idea behind the simple story "if you allow me to call it that way".

Indeed there are things that we wish to get it our way even for the expense of others. in the end we ended up being deserted.


Anonymous said...

Appreciate your discussing. Quite simple and straightforward to comprehend. Done well!

Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

Welcome aboard with Poets United!

Glad to have you joining our growing gang.

Send all membership dues directly to me. (LOL!)