Monday, June 21, 2010

I Love You, My Father.

My dear father, on this Father’s Day
Let me share an epistle that I hope conveys
The perpetual love that I have for you
The wishes that I always pray

There’s an abode in my heart where you always stay
No matter if you are here or a little far away
No matter how much we fight, disagree or affray
I believe you would be there as a best friend all the way

I know I have grown up into a woman with time
However, deep within my heart we still share those old ties
And I still need you, my dad to clutch my arms so tight
And tell me that everything’s going to be alright

There might be things, which you never say
There might be things that I hold within
There might be things I never understand
But all I know is that a dad’s a daughter’s best friend

My dear father, on this Father’s Day
Let me tell you something, let my heart say
I Love You, even though I may not be expressing it everyday
And my prayers are never complete unless I send wishes your way

My dear father, have a wondrous Father’s Day!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, i like it very much,

Anam said...

very beautifully touched my heart!

CRD said...

I wonder if you've shown this to your father. He'll be delighted. :)


raheel said...

nice one, gives the feeling of listening to a little girl with bouncy pony tails

KAM said...

a wonderful tribute of daughterly love for a father
being a father of one such doll i can understand teh sentiment very well
keep up the love for ever, sarah

Rabab Khan said...

Just came to your blog through twitter. Very nice work you have here, especially this poem.

MadameRogue said...

Very beautiful and touching. Any father would appreciate that lovely poem.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

This is very touching. I'll bet your father was very moved. I am enjoying exploring around your site,reading your work. Glad you found your way to Poets United.

Aisha Bilal said...

beautiful words :)
Although my father was not alive but still i feel him in my every sec of life
I love my abba ji
he was my best best friend my best guider even we sometime doing the same things and hide with ami jan like mum dont like ghazles and songs and when she wasnt in home we played our deck with loud voice and enjoyed alooot sigh* i just have memories of those days