Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Damsel’s Morning Delight.

As the sun triumphs over the duskiness of the ebony night
Blushing the sky with colors vanquishing the deepest dyes
The damsel lying under the covers slowly opens her sleepy eyes
To the beauty unseen before; the purity of the morning delight
She reaches out to the window and pulls the curtains aside
Listening to the melody of the chirruping birds outside
And somewhere back in the memory, there’s an echo of a distant guy
Whose abode is the neverland and who travels to the wonderland each day to cry
To cry out to the birds in the wild blue skies
To play the divine symphony for the damsel and to fly
What a day it is! She thinks and she shyly smiles
Is this a new dawn, a reality or a fable that would soon die
The dewy tears run down her cheeks, she wipes them off and sighs
Leaving the riddle unsolved and open
The riddle behind the damsel’s morning delight!
This poem is dedicated to a wonderful friend (also known as the incredible hulk by his loved ones) who inspired me to write after a long hiatus. And let me thank Kerrie for allowing me to use one of the beautiful images from her creative collection.

Happy Reading!


la fin du siècle said...

Dearest Sarah,

I am so happy to read that you accepted such an invitation only a good friend can send_ to take up your writing again!! Yours is an inquisitive heart, Sarah.
It is an honor to have an image I have studied and created, to be a friend accompanying the forever in your words.

Keep writing your beauty for all of us to love, cherish and share!

Your friend_


Amjad said...

Good One !

Restless poet said...

a beautiful poem with a girl's fantasy.
keep writing!

raheel said...

........he could have never thought how beautifully you could carve out his feelings, as felt by you, in your own niche.
maybe he could reflect from your inspiration too.....

Marian said...

thank you to the incredible hulk for inspiring you to write words like these! looking forward to reading more.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Lovely with the dreams and thoughts of a young damsel, dreaming of a man crying out to the birds.....romantic. Keep writing!

Judy Roney said...

This is true to life. Most riddles go unsolved I would say. This was fun to read and then to find out what your (or who) your inspiration was. I'm glad you started writing again.