Wednesday, July 22, 2009

5th 20SB Blog Swap - La Meme Chose

While another post featuring the spectacular "Century's Longest Solar Eclipse" is on its way, it is time to present my first-ever blog partner for the 20SB Blog Swap named Nora. While Nora would be revealing some interesting info about herself on my blog, I will be found sharing an amateur poetic attempt on her blog.

For the time being, here it is what Nora has to say:

Okay, okay, I know this is a meme, but my blog swap partner asked me to add some "color," to her blog, and because I wanted to do this meme and because, perhaps, her readers are interested in learning a bit about me, here I go!

I always...
* Have cheese in my refrigerator. I can't help it, I love cheese!
* Buy my dog new toys, even if he doesn't need them (and perhaps to the chagrin of my boyfriend)
* Hit the snooze button in the morning
* Wish for more hours in the day
* Drink an insane amount of water each day
* Long to be a tad skinnier. I think it's a woman thing.
* Choose Coke over Pepsi and Dr. Pepper over Coke.
* Long for simpler times

I sometimes...
* Stay up so late on a work night that going to bed doesn't even seem purposeful.
* Think about getting a tattoo... but chicken out when someone suggests I commit to the idea
* Get Blogger Envy: yearning for a cooler layout, special URL and more commenters
* Wish that I could round up my favorite bloggers and in-real-life friends, go on one HUGE trip and have one of the best time's of my life
* Contemplate picking up and moving to a new place. New job. New life.
* Become one with the couch, watching too much TV and reading too many blogs

I never...

* get enough sleep. Never, ever.
* handle making a mistake well
* learned to hide my emotions, even if I should
* like being the center of attention
* thought I'd be a part of Corporate America
* realized the power of the blogging community until the last year
* go a day without a piece of chocolate


Happy Reading!


Mandy said...

There is a reason we are such great friends. I could have written this. =)

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Great post! I love this meme!

I always have cheese in my fridge too!

I also get blogger envy and YOU'RE one of the bloggers I envy, Nora! You have managed to make so many grat blog friends and you're so good at sending emails and real mail and I wish I was more like that! I need to get better at replying to emails! The blogging community IS powerful!

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