Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tired of Fighting Against Myself

Haven’t we come a long way fighting with each other?
Pretending as if we do not care if we go asunder
Harassing and hurting through words and ways spelling hatred and displeasure
Marring each one’s divinity to an extent beyond measure
Fighting against ourselves as we explore our lives further
Dawning and dying each day in our thoughts, sentiments, and whispers
Haven’t we come a long way fighting with each other?

Can’t we put an end to it and start life anew together?
Can’t we let the autumn leave and bring in the spring weather?
Can’t we travel hand in hand and vow to leave never
Can’t we be a single soul or just best friends forever?


Kazim said...

What if the answers to most or all of those questions is NO. Then what?? The "jerk" may turn over a new leaf if "spring does arrive", though i doubt it, but if a fresh dawn rose from the horizon shadowing the gloom of yesteryears don't be so fixated on the dark clouds of solitude and despair that you miss out on the bright sunshine of tomorrow....cheer up buddy...don't take life that seriously...nobody's coming out alive anyways :)

Adisha said...

I'm kinda with kazim.. When I read it all, I think about everything answered as No ... :D

Though we let someone else hold the answers to Our questions, the only one holding the reins are us ..

So Buck up and start living life your way, I say !! Yayyy :))


ps - I liked the post , Very well put together ... though gloomy !

Paranormal ME said...

good work...keep it up..

$@/\/\! said...

hey buddy u r not fighting against your goodself i say.... bcoz the eternal element within you is your soul and the one who is not going to be there till end, is you yourself... so it is known by ur soul that u are going to turn back at last and after then your soul has to carry on till end all-alone n its real difficult wen you miss your lifetym company, it sounds bad wen some one leaves you alone on the mercy of others n that myt b the reason for all that u think u r fighting against ur self.:)

Sarah Rahman said...

@ Kazim: I know you are there to cheer me up :) Thanks! And you shouldn't be calling him "jerk." You know who I mean ;)

@ Adisha: Thanks for stopping by :) Kazim seems to have a lot of supporters here :D

Thanks @ Paranormal ME :)