Tuesday, January 27, 2009


To be happy and content with whatever you have in your life is very important. Happiness doesn’t necessarily mean success or achievement or it does not come with winning things only but it is a state where you feel satisfied in whatever you may have achieved. I had always wanted to pursue medical field as a career but I landed up in Mass Communication. I never knew if I could be a writer someday. However, writing is what makes me feel content today and I cannot even dream of living without it. One should always realize that everything happens for a reason and it happens for a good reason most of the time for Allah Almighty can never plan anything that goes against us.

I would request my beloved readers to suggest a suitable title for the post and I will be choosing one soon :)


asit dhal said...

happiness is a state of mind and it has nothing to do with success. A successful person may not be happy and an unsuccessful might be happy(e.g me..I am not successful..but still happy).

buddy its ur blog.....why don't u choose ur own topic ????

read my blog and comment on it


Jai " Happy" said...

You want to Title it.."Believe in yourself" ... :)


Sorcerer said...

I would say."UNTITLED" is better

Let me try and confuse you.

Happiness..people feel happy because of various reasons.so theres not standard procedure/title for happiness..so the above blog writeup can be named "UNTITLED"


one of my work I like


rencalago said...

this is a very good page

cutestangel said...

Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.”

I like the title untitled!!

Habib said...

In my openin title should be.
What is Happines, Contented or Succeeded?

+++ said...

Salam dear Sarah,

Since you are on your journey to look for truth and purpose of life, I suggest you to read the book "The unified Theory of Existence" by Prof Muhammad Al-Mahdi. He was an atheist for many years before he found the truth. He has 3 PhD.

dsufijan said...

I would say 'Inside Out - The Aroma of Belief' cuz I know that u r starting to sense destiny and soon you would find its enlightening fragrance in your life, Inshallah.

Syed Ahmed said...

Mashallah I visited your blog for the first time and you proved to be a very furnished and successful writer. I am very happy in reading such people articles or blog. Keep it up.
Syed Ahmed

Cashif.Hussain said...

It will be quite difficult to be Happy with only those things that we have only.

Its a human nature and a economic process that the Wants, Desire, Wishes never remain limited, For the time being Temporarily we may live content and happy with what we have... but as we consider and attach ourselves with Society we realize that the feelings of CONTENT & Happiness going to decrease.

As per my Opinion to live a Happy Life one should fill their Life with "FIGHTING SPIRIT" so that we look OPPORTUNITY in every difficulty in every hope in every desire ... and this attitude always keep us Happy, Strong, and Keep Attach with Society....

Maryamah Tur said...

Way to go Sarah , your journey has just begun .

by the way the title could be "Journey has just begun" .

$@/\/\! said...

"happiness or success is it?"

yar ye title kaisa hai?
i know i m not at all good with all this English stuff but i can give u a suggestion... i think i owe the right.. :)

Sarah Rahman said...

@ Asit: Visited your blog and commented. I could have chosen a title myself but it's good to have a little suggestion from the readers...isn't it?

Sarah Rahman said...

Thank you Maryamah, Sami, Dawood, Jai, Rencalago, Habib and Syed Ahmed for visiting my blog and sending in your suggestions pertaining to the blog post's title.

Since two of the readers including Sorcerer and cutestangel have opted for the same title, I will be keeping it. And therefore, the post remains "Untitled." :)

Thank you again for the priceless suggestions and for being there as my blogger friends.

Sarah Rahman said...

@ Cashif: Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Keep visiting!

Anwar said...

I can't suggest the title for that but i want to say that in addition that yes every thing what Allah want for us is better than we think for us but only that person can be satisfied who can be happy with others happiness so i suggest to try to be happy with others happiness life will be very smooth & easy