Monday, December 15, 2008

The Tender Moments I Yearn for

The endless treasured talks at night
And the silent solemn promises
The winsome words to make things right
And the comforting seraphic caresses
The morning missives and the goodnight lines
The quixotic hugs and embraces
The cute little cards and the odorous nosegays
Filled with earnest and heartfelt praises
The eternal waits, the never-ending times
And the fondly glance and gazes
The trivial tiffs and the temper tantrums
The acts of mischief and rollicking phases
The long, long drives and shopping sprees
The leisurely walks along the beaches
The heavenly halo and a hand to squeeze
Are the missing elements being needed


Vikram said...

Hmm nice

Anonymous said...

thanks for letting me read such a beautiful writing!its v nice.
words speak
ur words are crying in this poetry and me too!
tayyaba kazmi


amazing. i think that was one of the best poem..
keep it up

sarah hassan said...

i loved it :),,, keep the good work sister...mashallah its great

dsufijan said...

Poetry with original expressions... words of magic, Sarah, words of magic.

Anonymous said...

That was awesome. Those moments were with me until a few days back, but not anymore.... So even I yearn for them now more that ever.

Syed Ahsan said...

Empty your cup before asking for more soup.

Purva said...

aww..beautiful moments!
"The eternal waits, the never-ending times
And the fondly glance and gazes
The trivial tiffs and the temper tantrums"...loved these ones

Ritu said...

You have true mastery over words and emotions. Wonderful poem. I live it

Masror said...

Sarah, superb poetry. I'm a great fan of your work. The latest piece: Made in Heaven.

Sarah Rahman said...

@ Vikram, Sheryar, Sarah Hassan, Dawood, Purva and Ritu: Thank you for the appreciation :)

@ Vikram Baghel: I know you are out of that terrible phase now..aren't you? :)

@ Syed Ahsan: I felt a little discouraged while reading your comment but then I came to realize the hidden meaning behind it. I want you to review my other posts as well. Take care.

@ Masror: You seem to have vanished somewhere. Thank you for liking the post :)